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The Mardom Décor company was started more than 10 years ago with the realisation that there are endless ways of influencing interior design with the use of covings and mouldings. There are a beautiful array of Mardom Decor coving and moulding styles.

Achieve anything from the ever fashionable minimalist decor to the intricate classical look with Mardom Decor coving. Let your imagination run wild. Allow Coving Direct to create your perfect interior with Mardom Decor.

Browse the Coving Direct gallery to spark an idea that may resolve a practical issue. You will find the ideal solution for your interior design requirements.

Mardom Décor Coving is Versatile

Mardom Décor has a collection of versatile items which offer several uses. The mouldings are an innovative way of hiding cables and uneven surfaces. The coving and mouldings have been cleverly designed for use with LED lighting. LED lighting can either be used to create the perfect atmosphere or practically provide enough light to replace traditional lamps. LED strips use less energy thus helping to save the environment.

Mardom Décor mouldings provide the ideal option for concealing the curtain rod. The curtain rod can be an unappealing aspect of the interior space. LED lighting strips can be fitted because of the unique contour of the coving. This coving is also more cost effective than the traditional plasterboard. The challenges encountered by builders with traditional plasterboard are a thing of the past with Mardom Decor coving and moulding. Click here to browse the Mardom Decor Curtain Profiles collection.

Mardom Decor Coving Demonstrations

There are a number of informative videos on the Mardom Cardom website. Learn how to install skirting boards with LED lighting connections, or how to make external and internal corners with Mardom coving. Installing LED lighting is also demonstrated. Click here to view these videos.

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